Consultant's Short Biography

Specific Competencies

  • »   Expert in the area of Company's Income Tax as well as VAT including Central VAT Registration
  • »   Familiar in the area of different type of Accounts through Accounting Software.
  • »   Excellent communication skills in Bangla & English and good rapport with NBR & LTU.

Service Experience & Key Responsibilities:

After completion of my 3.5 years C.A. Course on February '98, I joined in service and my total service length is more than 14 years out of which around 8 years in the area of core Taxation

  • »   Financial Controller [Tupperware Bangladesh Limited]
    • 1.   All over responsibility of the department including monthly Financial, World Wide Reporting, Statutory
            compliance and all.
    • 2.   Supervise to make sure that all the VAT compliance are in line from Monthly Return, Price Declaration,
            Legal correspondence to Appeal procedures.
    • 3.   Ensure submission of Income Tax Return and providing documents to complete the Assessment by our
    • 4.   Ensure TDS & VDS in compliance with law, where applicable
    • 5.   Submission of Return U/S 108 of the ITO 1984 and TDS Statement.
    • 6.   Maintaining day-to-day correspondence and relationship with Banks and different authorities.
    • 7.   All kinds of Secretarial issues of the Company with RJSC.

  • »   Manager-Tax & VAT in MJL Bangladesh Limited (Former Mobil Jamuna Lubricants Ltd.)
    A Joint Venture Lube Oil Company established by ExxonMobil, USA with Jamuna Oil Company of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation-BPC). Registered Office at Mobil House, CWS (C) 9, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
    VAT Related Job
    • 1.   Supervise & monitoring of Unit VAT activities of Lube Oil Blending Plant located at Chittagong
    • 2.   Coordination and liaison for implementing computerized VAT accounting System for obtaining approval
            from the authority.
    • 3.   Supervise of Price Declaration & personal hearing.
    • 4.   Correspondence against any illegal claim of VAT authority.
    • 5.   Preparation of Ground of Appeal & Appeal Argument and attend in the hearing before the Appeal /
            Appellate Tribunal and Tax Ombudsman.
    • 6.   Represent the Company to the Sr. VAT Officials & NBR.
    • 7.   Preparation of Appeal Ground and Argument for any Customs related Appeal and appears before the
            Customs Commissioner.
    • 8.   Communicate with Lawyer of High Court as per requirement to move any case before the
            High Court/Supreme Court.
    • 9.   Follow up to ensure Duty Drawback claim in due time against Export.
    Income Tax related job
    • 1.   Supervise in preparation of IT Return and ensure submission in due time.
    • 2.   Preparation of written Argument to complete the Assessment after personal appearance.
    • 3.   Maintain liaison with Senior Tax Officials of LTU.
    • 4.   Preparation of draft Ground of Appeal & Appeal argument and forward the same for review of Consultant.
    • 5.   Obtained Tax Exemption Certificat from NBR U/S 52 & 53 in relations with Rule 16 & 17A.
    • 6.   Ensure appropriate TDS & VDS where applicable.
    • 7.   Liaison with Sr. Tax Officials and NBR as and when required.
    • 8.   Represent the Company to different Tax authorities & NBR.
    • 9.   Communicate with Consultant as and when required.
    • 10.   Annual Tax planning and ensure deposit of AIT U/S 64.
    • 11.   Ensure timely submission of statement u/s 108 of the ITO 1984.
    • 12.   Communicate with different Govt. Offices on need basis.
    • 13.   Coordination in finalization of Annual Accounts with compliance of local law.

  • »   Asst. Accounts Manager [Asian Consumer Care Ltd.]
           a FMCG (Toiletries & Cosmetics) Company of Dabur India & ACI Ltd.
           Register Office at ACI Center, 245 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka.
    • 1.   Supervise & monitoring of day-to-day transaction of Accounts Department to assist Finance Controller.
    • 2.   Preparation of Monthly & Quarterly Report for Dubai & India.
    • 3.   Product Costing and its review.
    • 4.   Ensure appropriate source deduction of Tax & VAT where applicable.
    • 5.   Appear Appeal for any Customs related issue before the Appeal Com.
    • 6.   Finalization of Audited Accounts.
    • 7.   Correspondence and liaison with VAT & Tax Offices.
    • 8.   Ensure submission of IT Return and Statement of perquisite u/s 108.
    • 9.   Preparation of Ground of Appeal and appear hearing to VAT Appeal/Tribunal.
    • 10.   Maintaining day-to-day correspondence and relationship with Banks and different authorities.
    • 11.   Various Statement as and when required by the Management.
    • 12.   All kinds of Secretarial issues of the Company with RJSC.

  • »   Manager (Tax & VAT) in Group Accounts Department [PRAN Group]
           12 R.K. Mission Road, Dhaka-1203
      VAT related job
    • 1.   Supervise of all kinds of routine VAT related activities of Factory & Warehouses from record keeping to Price Declaration.
    • 2.   Preparation of Appeal Ground and appear the hearing.
    • 3.   Preparation of reply against any illegal claim of VAT Authority.
    • 4.   Reconciliation of monthly VAT Current Account with General Ledger.
    • 5.   Maintain liaison with senior VAT officials to ensure smooth operation of VAT activities of the Companies.
    • 6.   Communicate with Consultant as and when required specially to Appear the Appeal/Tribunal.
      Tax related job
    • 1.   Coordination in preparing Annual Accounts in compliance with local law for submission of IT Return.
    • 2.   Completion of IT Assessment after preparation of Written Argument and personal hearing.
    • 3.   Preparation of periodical Accounts for Tax Holiday purpose and obtaining Tax Holiday U/S 46A after
             due compliance of all kinds of Formalities.
    • 4.   Liasion and communication with senior Tax officials of the Circle/ Commissionarate/NBR for complete
             the assessment/Appeal/ specific job to meet the business needs.
    • 5.   Ensure TDS, where applicable in compliance with ITO 1984.
    • 6.   Annual Tax Planning and ensure AIT u/s 64 in complianc of ITO 1984.
    • 7.   Obtaining of Tax Exemption Certificate U/S 52 & 53 in relation with Rule 16 & 17A.
    • 8.   Directors' personal IT Assessment.
    • 9.   Communicate with Consultant and Lawyer on need basis to achieve the desired result.

Academic Qualification

  • »   B.Com (Pass) and M.Com (Accounting) 1994

Professional accreditation and Education

  • »   Successfully passed the examination and obtained the certificate from NBR as Income Tax Practitioner (ITP)
         in 2008
  • »   Completed three and a half years' C.A. Course with one of the leading Chartered Accountancy firm of the
         country, M/S. K.B.Newaz & Co., Chartered Accountants,12/1-A, R K Mission Road (3rd Floor), Dhaka-1203
         under The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB).
  • »   Successfully completed the special course on English organized by The ICAB in 1998
  • »   Successfully completed the course on AccPac Simply Accounting organized by BRAC Information Technology
        Institute (BITI) and also performed the same as an instructor of BITI (Subsequently named as BRAC University).
  • »   Professional Training Course on VAT Management organized by The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and
        Managers of Bangladesh (ICSMB).
  • »   Professional Training Course on Tax Management organized by The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and
        Managers of Bangladesh (ICSMB).

Amar Nath Mazumder
VAT Consultant