Greetings from StockBangladesh Limited. Please be informed that StockBangladesh Ltd. - a leading organization dealing with financial market has recently launched a new wing for consultancy in the area of Value Added Tax (VAT) - named StockBangladesh VAT Center. VAT has become a very important matter in today's life. Everybody comes across various matters of VAT in his daily life and professional life. Due to lack of proper VAT knowledge and absence of quality VAT services, people can not comply with VAT regulations leading to manifold difficulties. The VAT payers, VAT collectors, VAT consultants, VAT executives and other people related with VAT are a very big community requiring VAT related services but presently, around us, such services are not found in plenty. In this backdrop, StockBangladesh VAT Center intends to provide one stop services regarding different aspects of VAT. We have the most experienced panel of VAT practitioners and Professionals to solve any VAT related queries/problems/disputes of corporate houses and individuals.

Our Featured Services :

    All matters of VAT including the following:

    • VAT registration and changes in registration;
    • Enlistment under turnover tax and cottage industry;
    • Preparation and submission of price declaration;
    • Maintenance of books of accounts, such as: Mushak-11, Mushak-12, Mushak-12ka, Mushak-16, Mushak-17, Mushak-18, Mushak-19 etc.
    • Submission of VAT return;
    • VAT deduction at source (VDS), deposition to government treasury and issuance of certification (Mushak-12kha);
    • Input tax credit matters;
    • Release of seized goods, vehicles etc.
    • Attending hearing in all VAT offices from Circle to Appellate Tribunal;
    • Resolving dispute with VAT offices through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR);
    • Writing replies to demand notices, show cause notices etc.
    • Writing parawise comments of High Court cases;
    • Negotiating with audit team;
    • Filing of refund and drawback application and processing;
    • Maintenance of liaison with VAT offices;
    • Legal Opinion regarding VAT matters;
    • Answering short VAT queries;
    • Provision of SRO, General Order, Standing Order etc.
    • VAT Training;
    • Any other required services regarding VAT.

We are cordially inviting you to visit our office for any information, explanation or clarification facing any problem in the area of VAT. Or you may kindly e-mail your queries to or call us over 8189295-8 (Ext. 101).
Contact Us :
StockBangladesh VAT Center

StockBangladesh Ltd.
Dhaka Trade Center (14th floor),
99 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar,
Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh.
Cell: 01929912880;   Phone: 02 8189295-8 (Ext. 101)

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Our Consultants Panel :

»  Tufazzul Hussain, FCA [short bio...]
»   M Forrukh Rahman [short bio...]
»  A Mannan Patwari [short bio...]
»  Rubaiya Zafar Khan [short bio...]
»  Amar Nath Mazumder [short bio...]
»  Md. Arshed Ali [short bio...]
»  Asheq Al Farabbi [short bio...]
»  Md. Fazlul Haque [short bio...]
»  Md. Moniruzzaman [short bio...]
»  Md. Sirajul Islam [short bio...]
»  S.M Shahed Hossen [short bio...]
»  Md. Taslimul Haque [short bio...]
»  Ashraful Haque [short bio...]
VAT Training