Sectoral Beta

Sectoral Beta of Bank = 1.20562646736     Sectoral Beta Interpretation
B < 0

The stock moves contrary to the market in an inverse relationship. As the market increases, the value of this stock is expected to decrease. While this relationship theoretically exists, few stocks possess a negative beta. One example of an investment with negative beta is gold.

B = 0

The stock’s returns are unrelated to market moves.

0 < B < 1

The stock is expected to move more slowly than the market. If the market rises, this stock should also rise but not as drastically as the market; likewise if the market falls, this stock is expected to be less volatile than the market.

B = 1

The stock should move in a manner very similar to the market as a whole.

B > 1

The stock has proven over time to be more volatile than the market. As the market rises, this stock should rise at a higher rate. Likewise, a more severe loss is anticipated in the event the market falls.

  • Particular script’s weight has been calculated through their market cap. So number of securities and current closing price will be updated time to time.
  • Particular script’s beta has been calculated by dividing the Covariance between stock return and market return by Variance of market return.
  • Some sector has single script so the sctoral beta will be the script’s beta.

Data that are used to calculate the Sectoral Beta

Company Name Individual Beta
ABBANK 1.38626642289
CITYBANK 2.28942563616
IFIC 1.07504254656
ISLAMIBANK 0.983533930362
NBL 1.17481627207
PUBALIBANK 0.686467546505
RUPALIBANK 1.11945295611
UCB 1.69501263637
UTTARABANK 1.49879043618
ICBIBANK 0.664371210814
EBL 0.814207484844
ALARABANK 1.26509402539
PRIMEBANK 1.13804238345
SOUTHEASTB 1.60528062931
DHAKABANK 1.36249993398
NCCBANK 1.53422970954
SIBL 1.32317454025
DUTCHBANGL 0.764484131255
MTB 0.852132159968
STANDBANKL 1.3898283825
ONEBANKLTD 1.74081458537
BANKASIA 0.79085148071
MERCANBANK 1.57629251193
EXIMBANK 1.36241528974
JAMUNABANK 1.43887197057
BRACBANK 0.783664259055
SHAHJABANK 1.13563649483
PREMIERBAN 1.16602108072
TRUSTBANK 1.31199665899
FIRSTSBANK 1.12311333384


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