Sectoral Beta

Sectoral Beta of Bank = 1.36233790722     Sectoral Beta Interpretation
B < 0

The stock moves contrary to the market in an inverse relationship. As the market increases, the value of this stock is expected to decrease. While this relationship theoretically exists, few stocks possess a negative beta. One example of an investment with negative beta is gold.

B = 0

The stock’s returns are unrelated to market moves.

0 < B < 1

The stock is expected to move more slowly than the market. If the market rises, this stock should also rise but not as drastically as the market; likewise if the market falls, this stock is expected to be less volatile than the market.

B = 1

The stock should move in a manner very similar to the market as a whole.

B > 1

The stock has proven over time to be more volatile than the market. As the market rises, this stock should rise at a higher rate. Likewise, a more severe loss is anticipated in the event the market falls.

  • Particular script’s weight has been calculated through their market cap. So number of securities and current closing price will be updated time to time.
  • Particular script’s beta has been calculated by dividing the Covariance between stock return and market return by Variance of market return.
  • Some sector has single script so the sctoral beta will be the script’s beta.

Data that are used to calculate the Sectoral Beta

Company Name Individual Beta
ABBANK 1.58869056953
CITYBANK 2.41119343611
IFIC 1.36508916937
ISLAMIBANK 1.24660292995
NBL 1.40430379515
PUBALIBANK 0.859032626818
RUPALIBANK 1.33120602405
UCB 1.77862793021
UTTARABANK 1.60146788668
ICBIBANK 0.686424380974
EBL 0.960598539582
ALARABANK 1.62021957317
PRIMEBANK 1.25129907431
SOUTHEASTB 1.6849410263
DHAKABANK 1.51681962679
NCCBANK 1.75827563112
SIBL 1.37654850179
DUTCHBANGL 0.839963603457
MTB 1.07235490668
STANDBANKL 1.48951143324
ONEBANKLTD 1.89386612942
BANKASIA 1.06871664988
MERCANBANK 1.85240435425
EXIMBANK 1.57526357566
JAMUNABANK 1.72908021705
BRACBANK 0.741042171442
SHAHJABANK 1.41587713894
PREMIERBAN 1.45407845138
TRUSTBANK 1.5017975436
FIRSTSBANK 1.36060372467


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