Ami Broker Data Plugin

Version:- 1.05 (Release Date: 6.30 PM, 11 November, 2010)


SB Data Plug-in for Amibroker

Considering current market scenario, StockBangladesh is offering free plugin for honorable investors and traders of our market from now on . This is our own style of contribution to the market.

*Those who already paid for amibroker will be compensated in next version with additional feature (That will be paid services)

StockBangladesh providing plug-in for Amibroker software, where user can enjoy live data feed for free. Ami Broker Data Plug-in provides real time data update directly into the Ami Broker software. Users can manage two different databases e.g. intraday (updated during trading time) and end of day . They can analyze 01 minute share price and volume data of companies. Users don' t need to manually import any market data to update their database.


  o  Auto feed into Amibroker.

  o  Separate Database maintenance for daily and intraday.

  o  One minute interval data update.

  o  Backfill facility.


Step 1:  Registration for Ami Broker Data Plugin.

Step 2:  Download Ami Broker Data Plugin.

Step 3:  Please extract the downloaded file. A new folder will be created named "sbplugin_1.05". In this folder you have to run the EXE file named "Stockbangladesh.EXE".

Step 4:  Use Amibroker version 5.2 or above for better result.

Step 5:  To know more about the installation, you can Download Manual for SBPlugin.

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Plugin & Manual

Download SB Data Plugin for Amibroker

Download Manual for SBPlugin


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