Exclusive Training program on
Basic Technical Analysis
By StockBangladesh Research & Development Team

Features of the New and Improved Technical Analysis Book

  • Organized, Rich Contents and topics.
    • Top to bottom according to sequence.
  • Chapter wise learning outcome
    • Beginning of Every Chapter.
  • Based on Bangladeshi Scenario
    • Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Each & Every Example of Bangladeshi Stock Market (DSE)
    • Recent Time Frame (2012 - 2011)
  • Plenty of Illustrations & Examples.
    • At least one Example of every topics.
  • Details Description.
    • Discussed each and every point. Ex: MACD
  • Calculation Sheet of Indicators
    • Added calculation sheet for better understand. Ex: RSI.
  • Composite Indicators
    • Included Guppy, Ichimoku.
  • Trading Strategy
    • Different Types of Trading Strategies.
  • Caption of Paragraph
    • Short Cut / Summary of Topic.
  • List of Figures
    • Listed all the figure in Contents
  • Ami Broker Video Tutorials
    • Supporting Chapter 7

We Know What You Need To Know

✔    New & Value-added course Hand book
✔    Video Tutorial
✔    Interactive Presentation
✔    Totally Based on Bangladesh Market Scenario
Book's Front Cover

About the Book:

The stock market is an ever changing market. To study the changing market it is essential to get updated. Without recent time examples market study cannot be fulfilled. This understanding was the starting of the 3rd edition of our technical analysis handbook. In the 3rd edition we have used all recent time (till July 2012) examples of the study. There is minimum one example of every study from the Bangladesh capital market. That makes the combination of the theoretical and the practical parts of the study which ensures effectiveness.